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The Artist
Derek is a classical idealist who was trained in the old masters with the verdaccio underpainting method. This is the style of Renaissance masters such as Rembrandt, Bouguereau, and DiVinci. Due to this process, a single painting can take as long as a year.

Many of Derek's paintings have been published in religious publications, and on book and music covers. They have won many awards. Derek was the first to win the coveted international L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award Grand Prize, where artists from 45 different countries enter in hopes of winning. His art is known world-wide, and has sold over 360,000 images.

Derek is married to Jolynn Muhlestein. Together they have six children.


To my Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
In sharing my testimony, I feel no better peace then when I am bearing witness of Christ through a paintbrush. The ability to speak my feelings is not one of my strong points. But a gracious Heavenly Father has blessed me with the ability to bear a witness of my Savior in a manner that is better than words. In reflecting on my testimony and the effects of the arts in my life, I hope to have shown all brothers and sisters of Christ that I know Jesus is the Christ and that He lives.

Mr. Hegsted showed promise in the arts at age 6. With his first book on dinosaurs, he began a journey that would lead him to competing and winning international competitions.  Being accused of tracing in 7th grade was an unfortunate reaction from those who were not use to someone of that age and that ability, to reproduce with his type of accuracy was uncommon.  But this rejection only made him more determined. The death of his father in 1982, when he was only 17 was crushing.  Bill Smith, a talented artist in secret, but a computer consultant by day, took him under his wing and gave a frustrated young artist a place to find answers.  Receiving an art scholarship at BYU, Idaho, he was able to have his 1st art class at age 18, under the direction of Leon Parson. He learned the value of research,  and  received a firm foundation where he could becoming a classical realist.  Where he would learn to love  the style of the masters such as Rembrandt, Bouguereau, and Da Vinci.
      Having the opportunity to lay on his back 35 ft up in the air on scaffolding, painting marble for John Hendricks, owner of the Discovery Channel, helped solidify his love and respect for Michelangelo. He reflected back on one of his grandfathers, Amos Howe, who used his gifts to sculpt the oxen for the first 3 temples in Utah. Knowing there was more to art than worldly mass appeal, Amos set out to bear a witness that could stand the test of time. Mr. Hegsted says, "I wanted to do the same.  I wanted my children to know who I serve, and why.
      His paintings have won many awards. Mr. Hegsted was the first to win an international illustrators of the future contest, competing against artists from 45 different countries. He was able to go on a national book signing tour, and to illustrate for some of the biggest publishing companies such as Bridge Publications in Hollywood, CA and Bantam-Doubleday-Dell of New York City. He has been fortunate enough to illustrate for some of the highest award winning writers in the field. Many of Mr. Hegsted's paintings have been published in religious publications and on book and music covers. His art is known world-wide and has sold over 360,000 prints.
      His piece, "Hearts to the Fathers" is owned by the LDS Church and hangs in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Recently, four of his pieces were featured in the LDS Family Hymnbook. And his work is to be used in a book which will bear a witness of the life of Christ in the fall of this year.  His own book, recently finished, is under review by a publishing company.  It is titled "On My Way To Galilee".  It covers the last 18 years of testimonials through the visual arts and writings.
      Mr. Hegsted just became a certified diver.  And witnessed God's art first hand in a world 100ft down. Derek and his wife of 28 years, Jolynn, have six children